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Our Services for MM2H Program

A MM2H agent is a licensed sponsor for the Malaysia My Second Home Program (MM2H) approved by the Malaysian Ministry of Tourism. As your local sponsor, we will assist you in the following applications under the MM2H program:

40 Detailed service lists you can rely on us while you stay in Malaysia throughout the MM2H program!

25 Visa and MM2H Services support- “the Must Have” are available to you at all times, in case of any of the following happen to you and your family during the 10 years’ stay in Malaysia:-

  • To extend MM2H visa onto new passports
  • To cancel my children’s student visa and convert to MM2H Visa
  • To cancel my children’s MM2H visa to convert to student visa
  • To apply to include my new born babies into MM2H program
  • To apply to include my parents into MM2H program
  • To renew my parents’ six monthly MM2H visa
  • To terminate my parents’ MM2H visa
  • To shift my MM2H visa to my new passport of new nationality
  • To open bank accounts for dependents
  • To open foreign currency’s bank accounts for myself
  • To apply for my MM2H Fixed Deposit withdrawal after one year
  • To apply for new maid for my family under MM2H program
  • To change my existing maid to a new maid
  • To renew maid yearly visa with medical check-up and insurance
  • To terminate my maid visa with check-out Memo
  • To renew medical insurance for myself and family for 2nd year onward
  • To purchase a local assembled MM2H tax-free car
  • To import a MM2H tax-free car
  • To apply for bank financing for my MM2H tax-free car
  • To dispose my MM2H tax free car
  • To purchase a second car for my spouse with bank financing
  • To change driving license to Malaysian driving license
  • To renew my Malaysian Driving license
  • To terminate my MM2H program and withdraw all my Fixed Deposits

After your MM2H Visa stamping is complete, below applications can be lodged:-

  1. Application for MM2H Maid
  2. MM2H Car Incentive for Local Purchase/ Importation
  3. To apply to include my parents or parents-in-law in the MM2H program

7 extraordinary PROPERTY Investment services to simplify your investment in Malaysia

  1. To source right properties to rent
  2. To source for potential properties for your investment
  3. To do booking, negotiation and payment with real estate agencies/seller for my property purchase
  4. To profile and negotiate for bank loans for my property purchase
  5. To co-ordinate legal and formalities for your property purchase until the handover
  6. To co-ordinate interior design work and furnishing for my own stay
  7. To rent out my property with rental management (if require)

5 Indispensable BUSINESS Services for quick start up and minimize risk!

  1. To do due diligence and research for intend business
  2. To give guidance and incorporate my new company
  3. To start up a franchise or local business
  4. To set up business for ready operation
  5. To apply for business and trade license for my business

3 Special tours just for you and family!

  1. Malaysia Familiarisation Tour
  2. Malaysia Property Investment Tour
  3. Malaysia Education Tour

We have been in the MM2H immigration and foreign settlement business for long time! For every year, since year 2001, we are able to successfully renew under new Tourism licensing system for 3-years MM2H License (previously on yearly basis) issued the Ministry of Tourism and Immigration Department of Malaysia with good conduct and performance. We also would like to thank both authorities for relentlessly supporting Complete Point for the past 13 years! We are glad to be ranked as Top No 1 MM2H Agent in Malaysia for 2013!

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