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MM2H Procedure


We are provide consultations on the latest rules and regulation on MM2H and advice on procedure and complete documents required for successful application. Applicants to submit all the necessary documents to Authorized Agents. Agents will help to summarize and vet all documents and ensure all required documents are completed and correct as per the latest ruling prior to submission which is very important.


Submission of complete application documents to the authorities together with the authorized agent’s “Personal Bond” signed with Malaysia Government for the applicants as “SPONSOR” and the sponsor’s recommendation letter. Agent to monitor and follow-up with authority on the approval process to ensure the document will go through the approval process smoothly and obtain it’s approval.


The documents will be process and approve by a Central Committee (usually once a month). The Conditional Approval Letter shall be issued by Malaysian Immigration Department about 2 months from the date of submission of complete documents.

Visa & Pass Endorsement

Applicants have to be in Malaysia for financial depositing, medical insurance and medical check-up within 6 months from the date of Conditional Approval Letter. Applicants to submit require documents and make payments to the Immigration Department. Applicants to receive the Malaysia My Second Home Programme Visa & Pass.


- Letter of application
- Statement form
- Applicant's resume
- 2 copies of Application form-IM.12
- 4 pieces of photograph for applicant & dependant (if applicable)
- A photocopy of passport / travel document (all pages) for applicant and dependent (if applicable)
- A certified copy of Marriage Certificate
- A certified copy of children birth certificate
- 2 copies of Certified Foreign Income Statement
- A stamped Sponsor's Personal Bond
- Sponsor's statement form with copy of I/C.
- Deposit for application

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