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MM2H Benefits

All approved applicants will enjoy special benefits approve by the Government for this unique program.
The benefits include:-
1. You will receive a 10-year Social Visit Pass and Multiple-Entry Visa.

2. After 10 years, it is renewable unless you violate the laws & rules of Malaysia.

3. During these 10 years, you are free to stay in Malaysia and travel as often as you like with no restriction or minimum period of stay.

4. You can import your car or purchase a new car (CKD/Locally assembled) Tax-Free. It is a great saving more than 36% (rate depends on car model and have to apply to relevant authorities within certain period).

5. School going children (up to 21 years old) will be given student pass to further their study at international schools, private colleges and universities.

6. You can bring in a maid from your country of origin or countries approved by the authorities of Malaysia after obtaining the approval from relevant authorities.

7. You can be an investor and can actively participate in your own businesses in Malaysia subject to existing Government policies, regulations and guidelines which are in force for the relevant sectors and permit needed.

8. For housing loan, you can obtain up to 70% as compare to normal 60% for foreign applicants (subject to your credibility and bank rules).

9. Under this programme, for those countries has a "Double Taxation Agreement" with Malaysia, your pension fund that is taxable in your country shall be tax-free if you stayed more than 182 days a year in Malaysia.

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